Ready to be amazed??  Read all about how we naturally minimized my husband's pain and swelling after breaking his foot in two places.

I won a door prize at our meeting for Young Living Independent Distributors on 2/28/15.  It was an amazing blend of: 

8 drops Lavender
8 drops Peace & Calming
2 cups Epsom Salt
2 tbsp Baking Soda

Great detox!  Great Relaxation!  Wonderful aroma!

Needless to say, I sleep well when I use these bath salts.  I have since made more of them. 

#cantgetenough - @younglivingeo

My 12-yr-old is, no... WAS probably the biggest skeptic in this house....Until he needed Mom's oils for a headache...

I applied a little peppermint on his temple and had him sniff the cap.  Still not confident in the oil, he just had to take some Excedrin for it. Almost immediate relief, before he could even get the medicine down his throat! He was so amazed by it.  
This marks one week that my husband has been free from having to rely on Ambient to sleep after taking it for 8 years!

I have had extreme anxiety for years.  This marks my week of no Xanax for panic and anxiety!!  I am so proud of my family for sticking with me as I adjust.  I feel so much more focused and clearheaded about everything.  YLEOs transformed me! 
Rob, my husband, has suffered from knee pain for as long as I have known him.  Since using YLEOs, we have found a great blend for his relief with the assistance of my amazing neighbor and friend, Crystal Miller. 

    Meet the Author - Cortney

    I am a mother, Registered Nurse (BSN), Independent Distributor of YLEOs, & Owner of MB NEW TO YOU. 

    I've been married to my husband, Rob, since 2006.  Between us, we have 4 BOYS - Andy is 21, Tristan is 13, Keaton is 12, and Blake is 12 - none of which are twins. We also have 7 dogs (3 are puppies) & 3 cats that claim us as their humans!  You may be able to catch on why I have such anxiety now, right?! We have transformed our lives naturally, taking back control over our wellness using Young Living essential oils in everyday life!  


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